Santa Claus Farmingdale, NY

Santa Claus

Seasonal • Farmingdale, NY

Santa Claus is expected to:

  • be enthusiastic and jolly!
  • work well with children
  • be able to project his voice
  • be willing to take photos with children and families
  • be able to stand for long periods of time
  • stay dressed in a Santa suit for the entire duration of shifts
  • remain in character at all times while on the floor
  • prepare to respond creatively when asked random questions by children such as:
      • "What’s your favorite reindeer?"
      • "How do you fit down my chimney when I don’t have one?"
      • "What happens if your sleigh breaks down?"
      • "Where do you go in the summer?"
      • "How do you travel around the entire world in one night?"

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